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Ok. So the first post was a bit heavy. I think even a bit much for me. I mean it took me three years to even thing about trying to follow that one. Woah. Chill Jane. Keep it light.

Short update. Jane has graduated University (yeah!) in april of 2004. Spent just over a year working for said University, bought a car with her very own car loan and then decided to run away to London instead of doing what all her fellow design graduates are currently doing: buying condos and/or moving in with their boyfriends. Too real and permanent for me right now. Yuk.

So at the beginning of September she flew the coop and was unemployed for a month and a half in a very expensive European city only to finally find a design job within 20 minutes of where she found a place to stay (yeay!). She has since had many adventures involving many (North) Americans and a token Aussie, New Zealander and German for good measure. Travels have included many destinations within the UK in addition to Sweden, Austria and Italy (such good pizza OMG!).

This has only served to whet her appetite for travel and living outside of Edmonton. She plans to return to the Great White North when it’s (thankfully) green and nice out on 10 July 2006. After staying for an undetermined short period of time she plans to relocate once more to the lovely Montreal where she hopes to get more into interactive design while trying to persue a film career (uh, directing not acting).

So there you go. Oh and I must add that I LOVE the National Rail system in England. It’s the best.

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