Jena’s Argyle Socks

Based on Eunny Jang’s Mini-Argyle Stocking and the Lang Sockology pattern for knee socks and sizing ratios, I created a lovely pair of knee high socks for a friend and sock officianado currently doing her Master’s in Ireland. They were a belated birthday present.

This was my first foray into Fair Isle knitting. I got the idea to make argyle socks and found Eunny’s Unique creation through Google and knew they would be perfect for Jena (with color substitution). I like the idea of pairing a varigated color with a solid so that the very strong patterning of the Argyle would be a little subtler. Really the varigated sock yarn that I found was a perfect match to Jena’s personality and so had to be used.

I found out later on my third Fair Isle project that I was a little crazy and paranoid about weaving the colors together which created a much stiffer fabric. I have fixed this but still can’t stand leaving much more than 2 stitches in between weaving like a crazy person. Those strands of yarns that get left on the inside of a piece are a personal pet peeve.

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