reuse, reduce, recycle or just repurpose.

Right. I haven’t posted much of anything on this since I signed up in 2003. I have opted for using other blogging things and have become a fractured person. MySpace is for music events. LiveJournal for keeping up with my real life peeps who are scattered about the world and a blog on my website for keeping my parents and remote family members up to date on my life.

This blog will stay fairly anonymous, a challenge for me. Writing without people already knowing me or at least having met me. The closest you’ll get is from my previous posts and the cartoon version of me as my profile picture.

Strangely Blogger hasn’t figured into any of this in the 4 years that I’ve had an account. But now I think I shall use this for my crafty endeavors. I knit. I crochet. And I am rediscovering embroidery. The first and last thing I embroidered was my backpack in grade 8 where it was all free form flowers, suns, and a tree I think. I made up stitches to make it all happen and I’m sure it’s more impressive in my memory than in reality. Sadly no pictures have survived and the backpack went back to Eddie Bauer in exchange for one without a broken zipper.

I am currently working on a lovely knitted lace shawl adapted from Eunny Jang’s Print ‘O’ the Waves Shawl to use one skein of very lovely handpainted yarn by Virginia van Santen as that’s all that I have. Unfortunately this has meant I am now reworking the border for the third time. I keep running out before getting remotely close to finishing going all the way around. I really hope third times a charm as I really don’t feel I can take much more out of the body of the shawl without completely reknitting it. And the cashmere at the beginning of the body can’t survive another reknitting.

Finger’s crossed.

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