Addictive Fair Isle

Chart to Stripes, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

One stocking down, another one hot on it’s tail.

The Surprise Jacket fever has died down a tad now that I have gotten into the groove of the pattern and how the Silk Garden stripes up. I still love the colour transistions, juxtapositions and the supreme fun of split spit joinging.

But I was suddenly drawn back into the world of Fair Isle. I have feverishly been watching old epsiodes of Friends (from the beginning) and knitting row after row after row of the chart. Loving every second of it. I was tearing through the pattern so fast that I kept messing up one of the mirrored side panels and having to rip out an inch, two inches or even three or four of sock to fix it up again. I didn’t get mad, strangely happy to be able to rework the pattern once more.

These stockings are for my brother who likes to follow the ‘right’ way of doing things so I refused to let myself do my usual crazy-paranoid-wrapping-of-the-yarn-around-itself-a-bazillion-times and quite enjoy the results.

I had all sorts of measurements of my brother’s calves, legs, foot, etc. and kept measuring as I was knitting, but quickly realised that his measurements managed to fit perfectly my gauge and the standard sock pattern charts provided and gladly fell into the monotony of blindly following the pattern.

The first stocking was barely off the needles before I immediately cast on for the other stocking. Terribly exciting stuff.

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