Begin Again

Well, almost anyways. It would seem that I am extremely bad at reading the directions for the Adult Surprise Jacket. And am bad at math. Really I think I was so eager to get to the mindless knitting that I didn’t pay close enough attention to what was going to be happening. A simple reread once I was just about done the knitting made me realise that I was way over zealous when deciding how much to decrease (and then increase again).

The double decreases that make the 45° angles are supposed to be repeated every other row until I get to 148 stitches (or reduce by 100 stitches—25 ridges). My misreading of the pattern said that I should decrease to 100 stitches (reduce by 148 stitches or 37 ridges). Yeah. I thought something was wrong when the sweater kept eating ball after ball after ball of yarn, but figured it would all work out in the end. I kept getting antsy about what was coming up next and finally really read the pattern and all my calculations over again and realised my error.

I figure this slight creative reading of the pattern isn’t quite as embarrassing as the first time I frogged this sweater. That time I calculated that I was decreasing by 2 stitches every other row instead of 4. That’s me. Good at the math. It’s a good thing that the world doesn’t rely on my math skills.

At least I didn’t have to completely start over again. But I did have to frog a good 2/3 of what I had knit so far. I took out 4 balls of yarn. And it’s trickier to do when using split spit joins. I had to guess where the join would be by the size of the ball on my wool winder and then look for where I joined the yarns. At least the Noro’s changing colours helped make the joins a little more obvious.

Maybe I should just stick to more explicit, row by row patterns. Or to knitting sweaters that are knit in more conventional ways. Maybe I should start drinking coffee again.

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