In the middle of many things

Well I did finish my brother’s lovely Fair Isle stockings at the beginning of the week. They have had all ends worked in and blocked. I heart Fair Isle cause it only leaves 4 ends to work in and lots of lovely colours. I’m waiting to give them to my brother before taking and posting final pictures (mostly as they don’t fit me). They have already been commented on and favourited in Ravelry which makes me a most happy and puffed up knitting person.

Another ego booster is the lovely attention my knitting has had on Flickr. Random comments from international strangers make me most happy. I’ve even been added to someone’s contact list. Terribly good for my ego I must say. I may become tempted to knit in a public gathering type setting.

I also finished one of the Neopolitan mittens and began on the second one. I’m using quite a tight gauge on them to keep them from letting too much wind through once winter shows up again (and so they fit my small hands) but it’s causing some wrist angst so I’ve switched back to the Adult Surprise Jacket for a bit of a break and some (relatively) mindless knitting.

Reading the recipe again I’m not exactly clear on how this thing is going to be put together. I work better when I’m manipulating a real object to go along with written instructions, so I’m hoping that it will become clearer once I’m closer to finishing. One thing that confuses me in the instructions is knowing where to measure from when deciding how long the sleeves and sweater should be. Again this may become clearer once I’m at that part of the game. It’s interesting to work on something that doesn’t become clearer as you work on it. I think it will all make sense once it’s put together. At least I’m hoping.

In the midst of all this I found another knitting blog to read. Cause I really need something else to read in the morning right? Well I’m glad I found Ysolda’s Blog. It was such a good read that I was compelled to read it from the beginning up to yesterday’s post. I even commented (!!!). I’m usually such a lurker. I’ll read diligently, but don’t comment on stranger’s blogs. I barely comment on my friend’s, though I’m getting better at that. I’d say it’s not being shy so much as not having anything really to say? Maybe it’s just my own crazy. I’ll get into the commenting one of these days.

What shall I watch while knitting today? I’m thinking Ruthless People is in order.

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