When Inspiration Strikes

I’m usually a good girl. I knit one project at a time (unless some outside force causes a project to be paused). But I’ve barely started my brother’s socks and have immediately been inspired and started something else. Completely out of the knitting queue. I don’t know what’s wrong with me!

I blame the foreign invasion. I have a friend visiting from Sacramento and rainy days (plus lack of motivation) have kept us indoors. She expressed an interest in learning to knit. So I gave her some needles, some yarn and got her started. Reading Brooklyntweed’s recent adventures in Garter Stitch, and his two person knit-a-long with Hello Yarn (and her fabulous BSJ) along with seeing my friend’s resulting garter stitch scarf has given me inspiration for the Noro Silk Garden that has lived in my stash for several years. I want to make a my-sized version of the Surprise Jacket.

I am using Elizabeth Zimmerman’s instructions for the Baby Surprise Jacket in Knitting Workshop to create a prototype so that I can figure out the proportions needed to make one for me. I got so excited about using this pattern that I dropped the Fair Isle socks that I just started two days ago to get going with the Surprise Jacket. So out of character for me. But I’m really really excited about it now that I’ve started.

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