a conundrum

Exhibit A, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

I finished the second sleeve. They are way too baggy for my liking. Now should I take out the sleeves, readjust the shoulder seams and (dare I say it) cut out the extra fabric or do I reknit the entire sweater?

The top part of the arm is determined at the very beginning with how many stitches are initially cast on and allotted to the different parts of the sweater. I figured out the proportions that I’d like (initially cast on 8 x K instead of 9 and mark off 1.5 x K sections from either end and work according to the rest of the directions).

I’ve just been knitting this sweater for so long and it’s done (even if it’s not perfect). But because it’s not perfect, I probably won’t wear it. That’s the fate that has befallen my first sweater.

Because I’m such a crazy perfectionist, I’ll probably rip it all out and reknit the entire thing. Sigh. But in the meantime I think I’m going to leave it sit for a while and work on some other knitting projects. I’ve got some fun Fair Isle* going on and a knitted shark to figure out.

So close to being done!

Okay. I’ll most likely reknit the whole thing again. Mostly because my Great-Grandma always used to say, if it’s worth doing something, it’s worth doing it well. And I’m working with some supremely quality yarn, so no point in doing a halfway decent job. And if (really, when) I start over, I think I’ll use a crochet provisional cast on to be sure to have a nice even tension for the loops to pick up later. I used waste yarn the first time and ended up with some loops that are just too loose which is quite troubling.

* I know Fair Isle refers to specific colour patterning, but calling it ‘two colour stranded knitting’ takes too long and sounds WAY dorkier.

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