sticky needles.

In progress front view, originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

It’s almost done. So close I can taste it.

I’ve worked the button band, sewed up the shoulders and am finishing up the sleeves. I reknit one sleeve a few times to figure out the proper proportion of decreases for garter stitch and am now fussing with sticky double points.

I am a needle snob. I love to knit, but for years fought the utter dislike of how it felt to knit with metal needles. The odd squeak of needle against yarn, the finger-on-chalkboard like shudder of needle against needle makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Since discovering that wood and bamboo needles existed, I have built up my own personal arsenal, but alas, my collection is far from complete.

So I’m working with my brother’s stash of Inox needles. I worked the body with metal circulars (made me a little edgy) and now am working with plastic double points. They are driving me nuts!

I worked the early parts of the sleeves with a short circular and have had to switch to the double points due to the reduced number of stitches. The rubbery-ness of the plastic makes the needles stick to each other as I knit and is throwing off my tension. I’m getting ladders and they are making me quite cranky.

I should have known better and gone to get some piece of mind by way of bamboo.

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