yes there’s been knitting.

Jon + Sylvain + socks., originally uploaded by bunnieprops.

Before I left on holidays to Western Canada, I had a rash couple of days where I started a whole bunch of projects. I’ve cast on for another pair of socks (toe up, Harry Potter style Ravenclaw knee socks), started planning for a cardigan out of some handpainted cashmere blend. I’m part way through the first chart of the Deep V Argyle vest and was this close to ripping out the Adult Surprise Jacket to bring it with me.

But now that I’m here and on holiday, I’m not knitting nearly as much as I thought.

The Meg Swansen knee socks that I made for my brother were very well received. Nearly everyone at the dinner party I had earlier this week HAD to try them out. The striped foot looks SO MUCH better on a real foot than when it’s flat. I think my favourite part about knitting for other people is their reaction and appreciation when the final product is received. And socks are the perfect thing to make for someone else. The average non-knitter is so impressed that it’s possible to knit socks that it really doesn’t matter how well they fit, what they look like or if they are a colour that they don’t really like much.

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