Knitting in the Afternoon

Alternative Title: Knitting with Lou Reed.

Knitting with others again, this time downtown at a lovely little café just east of McGill. Due to unforeseen structural problems in the Downtown Metro system, I had a lovely stroll from Square Victoria. Not the most direct route, but a lovely walk. An interesting mix of soon-to-be-new McGill students, tourists and scavenger hunters of some sort.

Once at the café I met up with a whole new group of ladies working on various projects. Interestingly a different blend from the Wednesday night NDG knitters I met a few weeks ago. All were more seasoned veterans working with various interesting challenges. There was double sided knitting, crazy intarsia (both content and amount of yarn bobbins), teeny tiny moss stitch sweater, test knitting a local designer’s latest pattern, designing her own creation out of the loveliest wool silk blend and some toe up lace knit socks. I felt like I should have brought something a little more substantial than my ongoing Adult Surprise Jacket. The heat also made me wish I’d brought something a little smaller, the sweater already takes up a decent portion of my lap. Next time I’ll HAVE to bring some options.

The real conversation piece was the afternoon’s soundtrack. Obviously someone was newly ‘getting into’ music, it was a mix of Lou Reed, Beck, Nancy Sinatra, The Beatles, Lou Reed and Lou Reed. Oh and some old school pop hits from the 50’s and 60’s. When Beck’s Loser came on for the third time, most of us called it an afternoon. Celia was kind enough to give a couple of us a ride to Sherbrooke Metro with some interesting insights into the bill 101 debate sparked by seeing the disbanding of rallyers from a nearby park.

Then I went to do my procrastinated laundry in the deserted local Lavoir which was surprisingly and refreshingly cool.

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