Nominated for speediest delivery

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I’ve had a Secret Pal for about 2 days and on the second day I received my first package of treats!

There was some rapid fire email exchanges detailing the holes in my bamboo straights collection and some creative guessing on my part as to my pal’s location (creative = I’m crazy and guess really weird places based on misreading certain terms).

Next thing I know, the girl who contacted me through Ravelry was all of a sudden asking me if I was in fact me and lived on X street as she just got an order. Again I’m not too swift sometimes and was like, I didn’t order anything (sometimes I’m quite a silly rabbit). She offered to bring my treats to the knitting night in Westmount so I got my treats last night!

Thanks so much K2P2! I shall now have to finish what’s occupying my 2.0mm double points so I can get cracking on the tiny sock. The straights are destined for my roll-your-own needle case. They shall be quite cosy.

So last night was my big blind date with Robyn who I have been messaging with through Ravelry this past week. It was nice to visit the more English part of Montreal and hang with some fellow yarn geeks. I got to help someone with a sock and talk about all my geekdom (and history of geekdom) without shame.

I completely stopped the conversation when I mention steeking. Literally a hush fell on the group as one knitter quietly said ‘I’m so afraid to cut my knitting.’ So I cavalierly suggested getting an ugly practise sweater from a thrift store to practise cutting up (even practise crocheting the steek) to get used to the idea, how it feels and what should be cut. I know I should have been more nervous about steeking, but I’ve always been a fearless knitter. The first sock I ever knit was a lacy and child sized. My mom was my only knitting resource and she’s more of the easy, quick knit sweater school of Patons from the 80’s, so I was pretty much on my own and learned from patterns and projects that I wanted to tackle.

I guess I’m now in the company of the biggest geekie knitters out there. I kind of figured that from how long I’ve been knitting, but it didn’t really occur to me just how much until last night. Not only have I steeked, but I was fearless about it too.

I wonder if I get to have a funny hat now? Or some kind of knitting orb & sceptre? I guess I should at least treat myself to some lovely handpainted something or other.

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