The First Package

The speedy delivery continues with the First Package* arrived Monday afternoon. I’m a bit behind posting about it as I very suddenly was assigned a temp job and had to get ready for it. The buying of groceries for dinners, lunches and breakfastses. Grilling chicken and roasting peppers to facilitate the making of yummy sandwiches to take to work and the making of spaghetti bolognese for dinners through the week.

But now, here’s the goods:

How exciting a package? I heart the use of the ‘Hello my name is…’ stickers. The emails specify a West Coast location, but the postmark reads Montreal. Hrm….

I opened to find a stack of CDs and DVDs, pretty much my whole Amazon list for my listening and viewing pleasure.

In a separate little package, I received these lovely custom stitch markers. I’ve never had official stitch markers before. I usually use bits of yarn tied into circles or woven around stitches. This is very exciting.

And what am I knitting? Well, I finished the Le’Slouch and am now chugging through the Ravenclaw Knee High toe-up socks for my old roommate. The basic 2×4 rib has inspired me to learn and be comfortable with Continental yarn handling. I’m getting pretty quick with it (I think I’m now faster doing the rib Continental rather than English), but I’m still doing all the fancy work with my usual throwing.

Oh and I’m SO IN LOVE with the yarn I’m using. I mean I’ve been completely enamoured with Briggs & Little since forevers. But now the Sport is my favourite. The resulting fabric is just beautiful. I want to make at least two cardigans out of the light and dark sheep’s grey. The only thing is that I haven’t found a local shop that stocks it. My usual place in Edmonton stocks every weight and colour which made me very dependant. I love this company’s wools because it’s not expensive, there’s some great colours, it has a fabulous texture and it comes in very generous skeins. Oh and it’s not expensive. More people need to stock this company’s wool. I heart Briggs & Little! (end of endorsement).

*First Package according to K2P2’s count, I say it’s package two, or at least 1b as I got her/his order from a local online yarn shop.

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  1. Sarah, my package was mailed from Montreal, my step-brother is there on business right now. I sent it with him last week to mail. I actually thought he was going to mail it from Toronto. Didn’t even think of it saying where it was mailed from? Hihihihi. Anyhow, I am glad you got everything – please enjoy. Those stitch markers came out so cute. I must get some for myself now!

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