Completely Unable to Make Decisions

My Secret Pal was most kind enough to procure 3 Zephyr Style patterns for me that I was eyeballing. The ever-so-famous Rusted Root, Ms. Marigold and the new Juliet. I started this morning to have a look at possible yarn choices for Juliet. I had an eye to use the Rowan Bamboo Soft but then the cost of the yarn combined with the 12 skeins I’d need for Juliet made me abandon it as a suitable yarn.

But I really want to use it for something! I love the sheen of it and how Ysolda’s smocked cardigan turned out. So I started considering it for Rusted Root instead.

Colour then quickly became a question. I like the hemp straight out. But would it make an appropriate Rusted Root that’s dramatic and fits into my existing wardrobe? Would it just be a drab non-contrast to my existing clothes? I do enjoy how the Sea Foam knits up, but is it enough? Looking on Ravelry there are many fine examples of Rusted Root. The ones that I find most attractive are the mid to darker greys and (oddly enough) the mustards. l dunno. The decision is killing me!

One second thought, do I even like how the Bamboo Soft hangs? Sigh. I’m only slightly better at making decisions when I have the yarn in front of me.

Update: I bought some Rowan shade cards. Maybe this will make decisions easier in the future.

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