I’m Terribly Spoiled

Through the various networks of relatives and travelling SP 11 hostesses, I received Huge Package no. 1 at the Knit Nite on Wednesday. I was so excited about it that I couldn’t help but open some of the stuff on top while waiting for the Metro. I would have opened everything right then and there, but most things were very expertly packaged up and I didn’t have all the tools with me to get at everything.

Despite being really tired when I got home, I stayed up and opened everything inside. I don’t do very well with waiting to open presents. Christmas is a killer time of year for me. Even when giving presents, I want to get it over with as soon as possible because the suspense kills me every time. I have no interest in wrapping things anymore.

I’m very happy with the contents of the package. A wonderfully huge book full of crochet afghans (I have my eye on creating a Granny Square masterpiece on of these days), some lovely, squishy fall themed yarns, a fantastic selection of old school stitch holders and cable needles (something that I have been lacking), a huge selection of tea in various tempting flavours such as Cocoa Spice as well as three sheep themed mugs to enjoy it in, a huge dark chocolate bar, milk chocolate pop-rocks, some lovely note paper, personalised pencils, a cute ‘n’ furry sheepie address book, some knitter’s playing cards, a retractable measuring tape and most surprising of all, 3 DVDs off my wishlist: Say Anything, Kill Bill vol.1 and vol.2.

I went to bed as soon as I finished opening up all the goodies. I was exhausted from my long day.

2 thoughts on “I’m Terribly Spoiled”

  1. So happy the mugs made it to lovely (say it with a french accent –>) Montreal without breaking! Glad you loved everything and feel spoiled – that’s the point of SP!! Have a great weekend!

  2. Hi,

    It’s Angela, Robyn’s friend from Montreal Knits.

    You’re really getting spoiled, lucky girl.

    I wanted to ask you about the pattern for the entrelac beret you were knitting, is it online? If so could you send me the link (knittingsnarsh (at) gmail.com)


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