ahem hem hem.

I’ve been told I don’t blog frequently enough.

WHOT?!?!??! Really? There are people that read this thing?

I know my mom doesn’t cause I haven’t told her about it. I know my Secret Pal does as s/he’s always up on the comment spam (which is much appreciated). I dunno, I post when I feel there’s something knit-worthy (aren’t I SO hilarious?) that needs recording in some way. Um. I could blog more.

BUT I ask one thing. Comment please. I really have no clue how many people actually read this thing other than those few that have commented. I’m not asking for brilliance (cause I sure ain’t giving it). Even just a ‘You should post something today!’ works for me or a ‘That colour looks like crap on you’ or even an update on how many more inches your sock is. Silly random movie/tv show/book quotes or trivia is welcome too. I dunno.

I’ll post more if you comment, sound fair?

[this message is brought to you by knit nite sillyness on Monkland. Sometimes tired turns into quite silly quite quickly. Now I’m off to bed]

6 thoughts on “ahem hem hem.”

  1. I read your blog too, but that u knew! Keep on posting – helps me learn more about you to spoil you in Secret Pal! Have a nice day tomorrow.

  2. Having re-read the post, I see you probably want me to say something more substantial than “Boo!”, no matter now random. So. I present my favourite quotation ever:

    “A little nonsense now and then is cherished by the wisest men.”
    -Roald Dahl.

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