FROGGED! or The Scarf That Would NOT be Knit

In the same spirit of exercising the long languishing project prevalent through out the internets these days, I too have finally frogged something that’s been ‘in progress’ for far too long.

Let me tell you the story of the Bias Mohair Cable Scarf.

The year was 2004 and the winter fashion accessory of the year was the bias knit scarf. I was especially enamoured with a particular Banana Republic bright pink striped specimen. So I grab the large ball of aqua mohair out of my mom’s lovely huge stash of yarn and started my own cabled creation. Making it all up as I went along, loving the resulting scarf that sprang from the needles.

Sadly the one ball was not enough. And mid scarf I headed to my local yarn purveyor and favourite knitting guru to have her suggest a suitable substitute to continue on with the scarf. The replacement was Patons Divine I had gone through my extensive striping phase and was now into large blocks of colour so had no issue with starting in the new colour halfway through the scarf. Of the possible colour choices available for instant gratification, the best choice was white. So off I went with the new yarn to continue to work on my fabulous scarf.

However, I somehow managed to get the one freak ball of Divine that was bigger than it should have been. This made my usually pleasant knitting time into horrible struggles between yarn and needle. There was horrible yarn vs. aluminum squeaking and a general malaise. The yarn store was more than willing to exchange the yarn as it was clearly defective to be sent back to the manufacturer, but I would not be defeated! I kept going for almost a foot before finally setting the scarf aside for other less frustrating projects. Years have gone by and still it sat in my knitting basket taunting me to pick up the sticks and continue on with the torturous project.

Finally, reading the stories of others who are exorcising their own knitting demons, I decided that now was the time for action! I frogged the whole thing! Two lovely innocent looking yarn cakes are all that remain of the devilish scarf that would not be knit. And I plan to continue with the idea of a bias knit scarf out of the lovely even tempered mohair. Just a much narrower trimmer version of it’s predecessor.

As for the devilish Divine? It is destined to become a prim and adorable Cloud Bolero, a Christmas present for a cousin who’s brother requested a knitted shark. She’s girly enough to love it fully, including the yarn that it’s made from.

I like how this turned into a scary knitting ghost story midway through the post. Happy Hallowe’en kiddies!

One thought on “FROGGED! or The Scarf That Would NOT be Knit”

  1. Aaaaaaiiieeee…I is soooooooo scaaaaarrred!!! Fuzzy mohair frogging…..aaaaaagggggghhhhhh (runs screaming into the night accompanied by cheezy fast footsteps sound effects)..Aaaaaagggggggghhhhhhh (aaaaand…fade to silence.) FIN.

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