Out of the Basket

And onto the couch.

Pattern: Stripy Throw — Simple Crochet
Adaptations: Doubled all rows to create bigger stripes
Materials: Briggs & Little Heritage in Washed White, Scarlet, Navy Blue and Light Blue
Start Date: Fall 2004
Finished By: Still going.

Blame it on too much cutting with an exacto knife. Blame it on the sad projects staring up at me through Ravelry. Blame it on a chilly apartment while watching tv one night this week and not wanting to turn the heat on just yet. Blame it on what you will, but this blanket is on the go once more!

A wee bit of history for this 3 year old project. I graduated University in the spring of 2004. I then got a job at my University after a month or so and woke up one Saturday morning to my brother bursting into my room exclaiming that my Dad found a Mini for sale in the paper for an affordable price. I am NOT a morning person. It usually takes me at least an hour to properly wake up and be coherent. But this REM interruption worked better than a triple espresso ever could.

Long story short. The three of us headed down to check out the car. I test drove it, as did my Dad. Some serious impulse shopping kick set in and the wheels were in motion for my first Major purchase as a working adult. I love that car still and would buy another Mini in a heart beat. They are too too too much fun to drive!

This blanket was started to live in my back seat to be a seat warmer in the winter (leather gets REAL cold)/cargo blanket for when the back seat would be folded down. I even worked in a gap for the seatbelt! The colours were selected to go with the lovely yellow exterior and are somewhat reminiscent of other Mini colours of the time. But I didn’t finish it in time to use in the car before selling it to my parents so that I could afford my London adventure.

The nice thing about selling my car to my parents is that I get to drive it when I go home. It’s like getting to visit the dog at the farm after it got sent away.

I’m pretty far along, but have plenty of yarn to go through still. I’ll keep chugging as long as the yarn holds out. If fall ever shows up, I’ll have a finished blanket in no time!

One thought on “Out of the Basket”

  1. I love a good crochet blanket! I guess that’s a project to work on at home, and not out in public because it’s probably hard to carry! Great colors!

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