The Improbability of Knitting

It’s nice to see knitting appear in pop culture. I get the same level of enjoyment as I do from when Canada is mentioned in US tv shows. Even if they’re making fun, I still enjoy the mention. My favourite use of knitting in film also happens to be in a film I really enjoy. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy is exactly my sense of humour and is a pretty great translation of the book into film format.

I heart the animations that go along with the book’s descriptions throughout the film and really fell in love with the knitted scene after the second use of the Heart of Gold’s Infinite Improbability Drive. Here are some pics if you haven’t seen the film (which should be done at once).

The ship as is exits hyperspace travel using the Infinite Improbability drive.

Knitted version of all the characters and the interior of the ship. I love the attention to detail.

Here Arthur is being sick into a waste bin. Please note the ribbing and cabling on the columns and the knitted portrait of Zephod in the background.

As the ship regains ‘Normality’ the transition from knitted dolls to real people begins. Note the real bathrobe.

But the vomit in the bin remains yarn and Arthur pulls the last bit of yarn out of his mouth. I luv it!

That last bit of the scene really adds that extra level of smarts to the comedy that is true to the books. This is the sort of visual gag that makes me really love the movies. It’s like an inside joke just between me and the filmmakers.

Maybe the film isn’t a faithful translation of all events of the book to the screen, but Douglas Adams changed the story each time it was told. From the original radio shows, tv series, and books. It then follows that the movie would be it’s own entity still. There are those who criticise editing Douglas Adams, but a death can’t be helped. I would rather editing by someone else than losing the project entirely.

Oh and I’d love to have a knitted Marvin one day.

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