These aren’t my socks

Pattern: Striped Sports Socks with i-cord bind off
Yarn: Briggs & Little Sport, Sheep’s Grey and Royal Blue
Start: Mid July 2007
End: October 1, 2007

They belong so someone much taller than me. Hopefully they’ll still be knee-highs (or something close) on her. Next need to stick them in an envelope and send them away.

Well, you readers fulfilled your end of the bargain and commented, so I’ll do my part and post more. Most surprising is that I’ve got subscribers….WHOT?!?! That’s kind of crazy to me. This may make my posts a little more coherent and stick to one (ish) topic. So today is some finished socks.

Oh and I understand those of you who are non-blog commentors. I generally don’t comment on people’s blogs that I read all the time. But I’m going to endeavour to comment more as well as post more.

3 thoughts on “These aren’t my socks”

  1. Subscribing isn’t surprising. I regard RSS subscribing as an act of laziness. Saves me spending time checking interesting sites and makes sure I don’t forget they exist.

    Of course, the laziness idea has to be discarded once it’s discovered just how much time I spend perusing various corners of the internet through my precious Google Reader. My precious…

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