Invasion of the yarn cakes

They have escaped from their natural habitat of Rubbermaid and have been out exploring. They have been establishing base camps in various locations in my apartment after the scouts returned to the mother ship with their findings. It’s official, the yarn is taking over!

After an initial test base on the desk with expeditions into the printers, the yarn chose to use the coffee table for it’s base of operations. This facilitated the production of fully knitted garments through the power of suggestion.

While the yarn continues to explore new environs such as the couch, it has encountered other foreign beings that feed on full grown yarn cakes. These horrifying half beings have long been established in this land. The scouts are sure to report back that security needs to be tightened back at the camp.

One of the early and well most successful established camps is the bookcase. This real estate is most coveted by the yarn out of sheer proximity to family and friends still in the comforts of the bin.

Born from fortuitous juxtaposition in the new world, these three yarn cakes have formed an unlikely friendship. They are in talks with some very eager charts to create a lovely knitted brocade of sorts.

While work has keep me from having the energy to knit most evenings (or even stay awake), knitting is still on the brain.

Have a good weekend all.

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