My suspicions were right on

So here’s the contents of my final package from my Secret Pal. And I got the big reveal at Wednesday’s Knit Nite™. My Pal is Robyn of Robyn’s Nest and I have to admit that I knew it all along. She asked me right away when I began to suspect and I have to say that I was suspicious right away. She contacted me through Ravelry just after I had signed up for Secret Pal 11 and is really the only person to have contacted me through the internets before. I put it into the coincidence category and didn’t really think about it.

I started going to the Montreal Knits meetups and at the first on got my first parcel. But I didn’t become really suspicious until I got my first ginormo package. It wasn’t the fact that Robyn delivered this one too. It was the fact that both my Secret Pal AND Robyn had a big complicated and overly detailed account as to why she was delivering this parcel to me for my Pal. Too much detail = made up story. And again a big complicated answer when I mentioned the Montreal postmark on a package I got through the mail. Final confirmation would have to be the French only on the front of the 2 for 1 coupons for Blockbuster from a Bébé Néstle product (Only in Québec and who do I know with a baby?).

But the surprise of who is doing the spoiling is really a minor part of the whole swap. The more important part is the spoiling. And Robyn is tops in that department. I now have a complete six mug set of sheep mugs (each one different). TONS of great sheepy things like notecards, notebooks, pencil cases, etc. A whole slew of awesome books including The Happy Hooker, some amazing handpainted, farm raised yarn from snooty French Sheep (it will not be mixed with the New Brunswick wool I don’t need an anglo/franco conflict on my hands). Some fabulously smelling cranberry shower gel. And of course there’s chocolate too. A bunch of great chocolate poker chips and a big chocolate S in a fantastic cigarettesque package. (The S is already gone and almost half the poker chips).

I’ve already added all the books into my Delicious Library and am trying to resist immediately casting on for Véronik’s Béret Gaufré and waiting until I finish at least one other project.

Other Knit Nite™ related news: Mona reads my blog which totally caught me by surprise. She didn’t know it was me until she made the mitten connection (seeing me work on them and then their appearance on the blog). I’m still kind of knocked back by it. A professional knitter with published patterns reads my blog (!!!). I’m sorry. I’ll get over it. Just give me a second or two. I’m going to have to find some nice sock yarn so I can cast on for her November Mystery Socks. I’ve been collecting all the clues, but haven’t been in a sock mood.

Um. What else? I’m somewhat officially done the Adult Surprise Jacket and the Mitten Swap Mittens. Ends have been worked. I’m considering/intending to block. Work’s just been keeping me quite busy. I even missed the Plateau Knit Nite™ yesterday, staying at work until 9:30 PM. Don’t worry, I get paid by the hour (with overtime when applicable) and they bought me dinner. But I fully intend to at least steam block to tidy things up a bit.

I’m going to get back to the knitting and bad Friday night TV. Thanks again to Robyn for all the great goodies! I totally lucked out to get a SP Hostess as my Pal. I had a great time!

3 thoughts on “My suspicions were right on”

  1. Glad you loved everything, and I didn’t realize that you knew early on it was me! LOL Now I know for next time! LOL (Or don’t spoil someone in my hometown! LOL)

    Enjoy your goodies. Can’t wait to see what you knit up with the handpainted yarn!

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