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I had to go to work today. I know working on a Saturday ranks low in the working world, but for those of us who suffer from ‘sporadic employment’ with hourly pay don’t tend to mind the extra hours, even if it cuts into the knitting time. At the moment I’m temping at an ad agency in downtown Montreal and was asked to come in to help prepare a pitch for a national campaign. Sounds all glamourous right? Really I was expecting to be working my exacto magic with some mad foamcore mounting skillz. Turns out I didn’t do much at all. Look for some stock photos (loving the new Getty Images btw), some light Photoshop and Quark wrangling. But my willingness to come in and help out made me the hero of the hour in the Studio. Adds to the superhero status which never hurts for my rep with my placement agency.

Oh and I want to mention how amazingly better working on a Saturday was with this company than with the other job that had me come in. First, people were all relaxed, friendly, came by and said hi. Next the studio guys left me a jelly filled doughnut from the previous day (plus the fact that the project manager bought us doughnuts in the first place). Finally someone came in especially to tell me that they had bought a bunch of amazing French pastries for everyone. This especially blew my mind as I am not only a temp, but working in the studio at the bottom of the food chain and all these Art Directors, Creative Directors, Client Service Managers, and VPs were being so considerate. Definitely not something I would expect from previous experience with similar high ranking types.

Also, the work load was light. I had an extended lunch break with only a couple of light things in the afternoon. I found myself with a large block of free time so I decided to meet someone introduced to me by my Secret Pal, Crazy Aunt Purl. No, I hadn’t been formally introduced to this lovely blogger before and instantly wondered where’d she been all my life! Or at least since I started reading knitting blogs.

I begun where I usually begin with a new blog, from the beginning! Well occasionally I do. Really I poke around some of the blogger’s projects, recent entries for the funnie, original designs, etc. But because of the recommendation from my Pal (and my feeling stupid for not knowing Crazy Aunt Purl alreadies, I decided to dig deeper. And a treasure I did find.

SO MUCH with the funnie! I laughed, I almost cried, I laughed until I cried, and I only made it to April 2005. My favourite bit is when she yelled at the Crazy Bus people for making the Bus Driver cry on her first day of work. As one who relies on public transportation and internally bemoans the complainers, I am so happy to see that she wouldn’t let that crap fly. Plus who doesn’t secretly wish they could pull off saying y’all?

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  1. I love CAP. She is just so sweet in her writing and in her interviews. Very funny. I have her book if you want to borrow it. Its lightweight reading but still a nice book to curl up with for an evening. I got it for the patterns mostly…LOL

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