Calling in sick

Hi, I’m calling a sick day. I’m just on the end of a REALLY bad cold and don’t have much knitting to report. I don’t get sick often, but when I do, it’s pretty end-of-the-world, I’m never going to be able to breathe again, hit-by-a-snow-plow kind of sick.

And somehow I manage to stay healthy *just* until there’s someone around to take care of me. Last time it was when my parent’s visited in the spring (though my brother was sick too, but he was ALWAYS sick last year). This time it was my brother’s pleasure to try and see me through another apocalyptic cold. I used to get little colds and still manage to go to school with my itchy watery eyes and make jokes about how everything made me cry. Yup, I try to keep my sense of humour through the whole thing.

But these days when I get sick, it takes all my energy to stay upright, can’t sleep lying down or I will drown in the goo and barely get any rest. I even called in sick this week and that was after spending 3 days trying to make it through because it’s not like I’m in the service industry and am on my feet all day. How much energy does it take to sit in front of a computer and make things pretty? Apparently more than I could manage. My agent laughed at me when phoned to tell her I would in fact be out for the rest of the week, saying there was no way she could accuse me of faking it.

And I guess I was quite the show at Ariadne’s Knit Nite on Thursday with all the nose blowing/holding my head sideways/not able to concentrate enough to knit. I was just so excited that things were starting to flow and so starved for contact with the outside world (day one of the sick day). Though I was kind of a mess and being out in the frigid temperatures really didn’t help anything, I had a really good night’s sleep. And I know my brother, Jon, had a great time. He always does when he gets to show off his projects and talk about Briggs & Little yarn. Oh and thanks for the feel betters and I have to say every day is better than the last.

I’ve been spending too much time blowing my nose and trying to breathe to really make any progress on anything. But in the past couple of days the nose blowing/goo flowing has subsided enough for me to continue work on the Sideways Pullover. I have 2 skeins in a different dyelot to finish it off and plan to use the off colours for the back (currently in progress), the bottom cuff of the sweater and if needed, the cuffs of the sleeve (we’ll see how far the old dyelot will go).

It would be nice if this horrible cold could be more productive than my using up of 3 full tissue boxes, drinking 2.5 litres of Apple juice, at least 60 oz of Decongestant/Expectorant tea, 4 bottles of green tea, 1 Gatorade, 5 bowls of soup (various from Tom Yum to Chicken Noodle), 3 litres of spit water, and about a millionty decongestant/Tylenol/Anti-histamine tablets.

4 thoughts on “Calling in sick”

  1. on the bright side, you’re getting this out of your system before your trip! So good order of operations! Feel better! Jeff has been taking extra Vitamin C and Zinc like crazy these days…

  2. Aaww honey I’m so sorry you’ve been sick. Wish I could help. I always swear by hot and sour soup to get the mucus flowing. Thats-a spicy! I have a homemade cold rub that I use on myself and the boys with essential oils etc but sometimes theres nothing like good ol’ VICKS. And Buckleys cold capsules.
    I loved meeting your brother. He’s very pretty AND he knits. The perfect man. sigh ;oD

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