Steamy Windows & Lots of Fondling

That’s right. A new yarn store opened up in Montreal and it’s so terribly exciting. The girls of Ariadne Knits have gone lo-fi, offline and analog to create a lovely little yarn oasis near Lionel-Groulx and Place St. Henri Metro stations (like exactly equidistant I believe).

This fibre haven is located in the cutest little old corner shop that has been lovingly whipped into a beautifully lit, cosy, welcoming yarn shop. With the lovely knitting corner complete with ‘fireplace’ is the cherry on top and I immediately wished I had thought to bring some knitting with me.

The shop is open as of noon yesterday and I braved the Great White North Winter we’re suddenly having to meet up with all the other Montreal Knitters to congratulate the owners on a job very well done and of course fondle yarn. Really that’s the whole point of going to a real shop isn’t it?

I can’t stress enough how adorable, welcoming, cosy and a fantastic yarn showcase this shop is. If I was a smart girl, I’d have thought to bring my camera with me. Or even remembered that I have a camera phone. Whoops. I was just way too caught up with all the conversations about yarn, knitting, the bitter bitter cold weather, comic books, felting, how much we are all in love with all the whiskey colours, fun ideas for winter headgear (including Mexican wrestler Baclavas and cartoon wig tuques with built in headband/chin ties), tv shows, stick figure chunky sweater patterns, and so on.

And the people, they brought all sorts of fabulous treats. Jennie made super yummy better-than-teddy-grahams alpacas despite being a ‘stress basket.’ She even has a fabulous new kitty pattern called Charity and once I get my hands on it I will definitely be making some for Toy Mountain.

They got us casting on squares for the communal charity blanket and suddenly it turned into the usual sit ‘n’ knit. Yeah. Somehow Allison, Janet and I ended up closing out the shop. We left at like 7 or something crazy like that. Funny how time flies when hanging with the knitters.

Definitely a good cure for Canadian Winter.

4 thoughts on “Steamy Windows & Lots of Fondling”

  1. My only wish is that I was closer so I could close the place down with y’all more often. It really is just such a cozy little knitting knook, knon?
    Today as I went xmas shopping at the SAQ I thought again about your “Classy with a “K”!” comment. Looked like a goof snickering across the parking lot. Thanks alot you.

  2. Klassy is the ONLY way I roll 😛

    Definitely worth the visit of international folk such as yourself Miss Bookworm.

    I’m all about the love! If you’re not careful, I’ll likely become a permanent fixture at the shop. I shall become one with the sofa.

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