The flood gates have been opened

I wouldn’t say I’ve been on a “yarn diet.” We all know how I don’t like trendy terms like that. But there has been a general lack of yarn being bought for new projects. My ‘sporadic employment’ has kept me from being a proper North American consumer, buying things willy nilly just cause their soft/sparkly/pretty. Instead I’ve had the challenge of what to make with the soft/sparkly/pretty yarns I’ve bought in the past.

This has brought you projects such as the Deep V Argyle Vest (though one of the yarns was purchased for the project), the Noro Surprise Jacket (still in a time out, but we’ll talk about that later), some Endpaper Mitts, the Cable Eyelet Ribbed Cardigan (still in the works: shoulder shaping!), the Sideways Pullover (did have to buy a couple of skeins to be able to finish), and an Itchy Pink Lopi Raglan (I think I have WAY more than I’ll need) not to mention a few Le’Slouches.

Though there has been some yarn buying for projects, I don’t consider any of them major project purchases. I haven’t bought a sweater’s worth of yarn in years.

But the past month or so my professional life has been quite productive and busy so I have been able to reward myself with some yarn for future projects. I hear you laughing, ‘MORE Briggs & Little Sport?!?!’ Yes, thank you very much! Working with the Sheep’s Grey for the Ravenclaw Knee Socks was such a pleasure that I used it again for the Latvian Mittens. I have been wanting a charcoal and a light grey cardigan for quite a while now, so rather than just buy one at the Gap, I’m going to have fun making my own. And with the yarn for one sweater costing $20, who’s laughing now? Huh? That’s what I thought.

I mean it may not be Rowan Felted Tweed destined for greatness but I really like how the straight-from-the-sheep yarn from Briggs & Little knits up. And to be honest, I’m not a cardigan against the bare skin kind of girl. That’s just too risqué for moi!

Oh and the Anniversary Twist I plan on becoming a Sunrise Circle Jacket. Having seen a really nice one out of a handspun yarn, I thought the Anniversary Twist would lend itself really nicely to the pattern. Plus at the time of getting the yarn there was no way to get the pattern for the Central Park Hoodie (though I’d still like to get my hands on that issue of Knitscene, there’s some other great patterns in there.

Oh and I snuck in some goodies for myself at Ariadne Knit’s Opening Day Celebrations. The Whiskey was not to be resisted, and I have too many sock patterns and not enough sock yarns.

But while all this yarn buying hasn’t broken the bank, it did open the flood gate. I spent the better part of a slow day at work pricing out yarn for future projects. In order to resist ordering it all on the spot, I made myself price out including shipping/taxes/exchange rate (benefits of working as a Cashier during University) to see exactly what projects will cost. Uh, for future reference, yeah, that’s it.

One thought on “The flood gates have been opened”

  1. I just ordered more Anniversary twist. I’m scared it’ll be all gone and I won’t have enough for what i intend to make. Husband Man’s hat is taking most of a skein (big melon head) and now? He’s not sure he likes the colour…its toooo bluuuue. ARGH!! I love it. Its a bit hard on the hands to knot but i love the colour and its going to be wonderful when washed. I was going to make myself a bog jacket but i fear thats too blocky a knit for me. Ideally, I want something with a shawl like collar. i have been eyeballing the NDG sweater by Veronik in Summer IK but prefer knitting in the round. Someone save me!
    You have totally turned me on to the B and L sport. Well, you and my friend Barb back home. I have lotsa plans for my growing sport stash. Socks, mittens, hats…. Need some of that grey/beige. Love the naturalness of it. I also love the price tag. i am a sucker for soft and lovely like everyone else but Hello? I am not made o’money. I get tired of the turned up noses when I knit with something so rustic “eeewww scratchy…” or heaven forbid I use a novelty yarn.
    Ok…stopping now!!!LOL
    PS: I am so going to try and get out in time to meet your bro of the enviable stash. Depends on when the ingrate husband gets home from work.

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