‘Tis the season for Jingle Earrings

Pattern: Los Lobe Hose by Carol Breitner
Materials: Various Festive donations of sock yarns from Sharon
Start Date: December 4, 2007
Finished By: December 4, 2007

When I wore my Teeny Tiny Sock Earrings to a Sunday Sit ‘n’ Knit, Sharon immediately told me I absolutely NEEDED to make a pair to wear at Christmas time. We all laughed at the cheese-y-ness of such an idea and I (kinda joking) said, ‘Bring me the yarn and I’ll TOTALLY make a pair!’

So then why did it take me completely by surprise when a few Sunday meetings later, Sharon plopped a little baggie full of Xmas-y yarns in front of me just as I sat down. After instantly bursting into laughter, I promised her a pair of her very own. But without pierced ears, they would be destined to be a pin for Sharon’s lapel. You know to show her support for Christmas.

If I’m ever a part of a Christmas related charity, I think pins with tiny knitted socks & mittens & gloves would HAVE to be our thing.

Destined to be earrings (for me)

Sharon gave me some leftovers of 4 great colours of sock yarn that I have no idea what they are and desperately love. Two shades of green: one a subtle vareagated olive-y sort of green, one a perfect holiday evergreen; A perfect holly berry red; and this FANTASTIC sparkling white (not only is the yarn pure pure white, it has little sparklies built right in).

I kept thinking what sort of magical combination of complicated colour changes I should come up with, but exhausted from work & watching way too many Crime Investigation shows on Peasant Vision, I opted for some simple striping with contrasting heel & toe action. I’m very happy with the result.

Don’t worry, no ends are technically woven in this pattern so no itty bitty headache there.

Destined to be a pin (for Sharon)

After working two to be a matched pair (silly festive earrings should match non?) I opted to be a tiny bit crazier and switched it up for the greens. Secretly I want my own pair of mismatched socks and there’s only so much of the olive green, don’t tell. I feel this set are a little more Dr. Seussian which makes me very happy.

All these little festive socks have created a bitty obsession. I’ve decided as an ongoing project for all those leftover bits of sock yarn to knit teeny tiny socks and itty bitty mittens and make myself a lovely little garland. It may get a wee bit crazy with some mini sweaters added in here and there.

I have a tendency to get a bit carried away with tiny obsessive projects and my parents are storing my jars & jars of itty paper stars, paper cranes, and other origami items from my paper phase (I’ll move them one day along with all my Design school projects/drawings/paintings). So I may end up with a whole garland sooner than anticipated. Or not.

Other inspiring holiday knitting ideas: a pair of knee-high or thigh-high socks with a Candy Cane swirl all the way down. Would be all sorts of awesome.

4 thoughts on “‘Tis the season for Jingle Earrings”

  1. Bad girl! You just enabled me right over to the lobe hose website to order the kit-those are too cute!

    Plus I think the garland idea is amazing. Just think how cute it will look! (Of course, if you are going to have mini socks and mittens and the odd sweater here or there, you need to make tiny little tuques or earflap hats too! With tiny pompoms on top!)

  2. Cheers! Yes, blue and white ones would be most awesome. Especially with a little star of david on them.

    Snow has to be good for something other than making traffic entertaining.

    Um. I take no responsibility for the consumer habits of others (plus the other pattern’s free :S)

    Oooo, I like the idea of hats. But that may be getting too ambitious for me. If the planned thing is too complex, I tend to procrastinate it. And I’m generally anti-fringe/pom-pom.

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