I should start the Holiday Knitting

No, I’m not starting early. Actually quite late. Instead of trying to KILL myself knitting gifts for people for actual Christmas or Birthdays, I instead run the planned project by them first to work out the details (size of feet, preferred colour, I really don’t want a sweater vest, etc.) before bothering to acquire the yarn and cast on. I just say, ‘For Xmas you’re getting [blah] but not until laters, k?’ Less stressful.

Knitting should be fun. Especially knitting for others. So I like to follow my own pace and then send ’em off whenever they get done. Right. Good plan huh?

Great plan, ‘cept for the HUGEMUNGO list of things to knit for other people I’ve got going on (before now, only listed in my head):

Cuttlefish Socks—Sylvain
Shedir—my brother
Double Knit Argyle Scarf—my brother
Qiviuk Webs Tam and Scarf—my mom
Anchor’s Away Sweater Vest—my dad
About a dozen slouchy berets—London Girls (various locations)
Skull Socks of Fury—Mary (former co-worker)
Gentleman’s Socks in Railway Stitch—Mirah
Everybody’s Changing Scarf—Miss Lisapie
Knitted Shark Toy—Cosmo (but I hear he’s being a stinker so no rush)
Cloud Bolero—Katelyn (Cosmo’s sister, can’t have any reason for sibling rivalry and the Divine needs to be used for something but as the Shark’s on pause, so’s the bolero)

Well maybe it’s not so bad. I think I’ll start charting out the Cuttlefish socks this weekend in anticipation of the Pink Lopi Raglan’s conclusion. Gots to gauge & figure out sock sizing. I’ve got some pretty cool ideas for the deep water colour changes…it’s going to be awesome! Oh and yarn shall be Briggs & Little Sport (like that’s really a question). And despite my luke-warm feelings towards the technique, these will be toe-up socks.

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