Juno is my Sweater Vest Hero

I know there’s been so much hype about this movie, but unlike other films that have more manufactured hype, Juno’s is well deserved. From the brilliant script, fabulous cast (although we already loved Allison Janney), great sets & details and down to a perfectly matched soundtrack, this movie had me with the first lines of the film. Even before the title walk through town. Oh and I’m definitely going to be checking out Jason Reitman’s other films (not I have not seen Thank You For Smoking yet, I have a good excuse, I was out of the country). And not just because he’s a Montrealer.

Well, Juno, she’s my hero. I’ll never be as cool as Juno MacGuff. It’s not like Daria where the first time my Mom saw it she said, ‘When did they make a cartoon about you?!?!’ (the reason I became a little less obsessed with the show but that’s another story). No, Juno is definitely exactly who I wished I was in high school (‘cept for the teen pregnancy and all, but even that she deals with brilliantly). Smart, HILARIOUS, fantastic turn of phrase but not without some flaws, Juno is a great female character. Everyone should drop what they’re doing right this second, run to the nearest theatre and watch this movie. Right now. Go!

I do tend to be rather enthusiastic about much that hits the silverscreen, but believe me, this is not a film to be missed. If for no other reason go for the knit wear.

Photo courtesy of Ellen Page Online

The first 5 secs of the film I was taken with everything about this character. Right down to the quirky wardrobe choice of sweater vests under hoodies. The vest in the first scenes and title sequence totally grabbed me and I was charting it in my mind for much of the film. Yes, I’m a sucker for green. It’s a well established fact. Especially shades of mossy/olive/grass greens combined with chocolate brown with rows and rows of fabulous classic Super Mario-like flowers. Sigh. I need one.

So me and my memory got to work developing a chart for this fantabulous sweater vest as soon as I got home and after I had acquired the soundtrack. With Juno tunes aiding my memory I came up with this chart:

Further research on the internets helped me hone and verify the shape of the flowers (leaves were a little off), colour changes and fine tune the overall chart but some of my own amendments have been added. Dashed rather than solid white line and I’m toying with the idea of the alternating +’s and x’s rather than just +’s but probably won’t be trying to juggle 3 colours in one line. I’ve done it. It’s possible, but I’m not terribly driven to become the yarn juggler at this moment.

Amended to be more like this I think:

I figure this vest will be straight forward. Cast on. Work until under arms. Steek! Steek! Steek! (arms & then neck) Oh and STEEK! (can’t forget the back of the neck) and away we go.

I hear you may be asking about the yarn. What will I possibly ever use for such a fine vest? Well immediately Briggs & Little Sport springs to mind (I know that really shocks you all) mostly just for the brilliance of their Paddy Green. But for the olivey greens and dark chocolatey brown I’m thinking of finally trying out Jamieson’s 2-ply Spindrift to fill out the palette.

When shall we see progress on this most fantastical vest? Uh, that’s a good question. I’m going to say not for a while. So much else in progress at the moment. But one day I too shall be dressed just as cool as Juno!

5 thoughts on “Juno is my Sweater Vest Hero”

  1. Also a cinema goer, and like you, find inspiration (also to my garden, but that is another story) from the screen. I’ll try to see the film if it comes to a cinema near me 🙂 Have you been the Atonement? Great film, but no knitting stash that I can remember.
    By the way, some of your charts uses 3 colors on the same row. Are you comfortable with that? Anyway, it looks good 🙂

  2. Atonement is on the list of things to watch but Juno was higher on the list so got priority. I hope Juno does come to a theatre near you…but if it doesn’t, look for it on DVD.

    Yes, 3 colours in one row. I’m repondering that. I’ve done it before but haven’t quite managed to hold 2 in one hand in a satisfying way. I’ll probably change it to one mossy green instead of emerald & mossy.

  3. The Oscar contenders were announced today and Juno is nominated for Best Picture, which is HUGE for a comedy.
    Also, Ellen Page? Nova Scotian, baby!! Whoot Whoot!!!!
    She was born the year I entered University.. Ugh..sooo oooolllldddd…. LOL (not)

  4. @ anarchistsalute: I never did get around to knitting this sweater vest. They’re not the most flattering and I have developed a keen love of cardigans. I suppose I could repurpose the chart for to a cardigan. Though I have plenty of sweaters waiting in the wings these days.

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