The Internet brings out the stalker in me

I’m not a stalker in real life, I swear! (Although I hear that’s the oldest trick in the stalker book, I hold by my assertion). But for some reason all these social networking sites really bring out the stalker in me. Though I like to think that Internet Stalking is not nearly as serious as the real life kind.

Let this be a formal notification to the Internet, if you comment on my blog/Flickr/Ravelry project (or favourite said items) I will be checking your profile and your project listings/photos and possibly even your blog/Etsy store. It’s just the way it goes. In fact, it’s now part of my daily routine to check the Ravelry/Flickr for comments/favoriting/etc., and the good old Sitemeter is my best friend, I’ve even started using the Flickr stats feature too (!!!).

I’m not like keeping lists or anything, no Excel spreadsheets have been set up, well, Sitemeter does that crap for me, but other than that, it’s just interesting for me to watch who’s paying attention. On the blog, it’s mostly Canada (really Montreal & area—mad props to Montreal Knittters, holla if you hear me!), with some Eastern US attention too (send Red Vines), but in the past few weeks, the next group has shifted from the UK to Norway. I think it’s those mittens…but welcome! Never been to Norway, but Sweden’s close right? Spent a fun few days in Stockholm a couple of Novembers ago. Nice town. Country landscape very similar to Alberta in the early winter but with cooler rocks. Loved that Sweden’s souvenirs were also stuffed mooses.

I’ve developed few of my own Ravelry rules. Friend me on Ravelry or Flickr, I’ll friend you back (it’s weird that it’s a one way relationship, like I can consider us ‘friends’ but you don’t have to acknowlege it at all…what’s the deal?). If you favourite one of my projects, I’m gonna check out your profile and projects and it could possibly go to the Flickr/Blog/Etsy store level. If you comment on a project of mine, I’m gonna reply (usually just to say thanks yo!) in addition to the profile/project/blog stalk.

And if you’re Pinneguri (Ravelry) and have favourited a project, nominated them for a Bobby, and continue to berate me for not accepting a compliment, I’m gonna friend you on Ravelry, and blog stalk you (even if I can’t read most of it). She’s made many a fine pair of mitten, so I guess I better accept her compliments as an official mitten expert.

So consider yourselves officially warned….but I wouldn’t worry about looking over your shoulder for me in a dark alley. Stalking is just for the internets.

Blogs that have recently been ‘Janed’ (or read from the beginning, near beginning, or from what Google Reader would load for me while at Boring Job™):

Lolly Knitting Around—recommended by the Google bots
Knits & Pieces—friended me on Ravelry & favourited the Mittens
Hello Yarn—Favourited & commented (!!!) on the mittens & recommended by Google bots
Knit and Tonic—Google bots & I’ve knit her Le’Slouch enough times to actually read her blog

I’m currently reading my way through Cosmicpluto Knits! Not a new discovery, just figured it should be properly Janed (see above).

Now if you’ll excuse me, the Mittens have been favourited a few more times

5 thoughts on “The Internet brings out the stalker in me”

  1. Ah, is that what I am, a stalker (too)? I thought this was natural ;D

    I am glad you understood what I really tried to say was exactly that, a compliment for your wonderful mittens. Has the receiver blogged it, do you know?
    As English is not my native tongue it’s not all you write I understand, but it seems like people Helloyarn has given you compliments on your mittens as well? That’s great, those people have my respect too 🙂

  2. Your mittens are truly great — the cuff looks like fabric. I also really like the colors.

    I was “shocked” when I saw on pinneguri’s blog that she was moving: meaning she wouldn’t have so much time to spin out those Latvian mittens I also love. How would I get a fix now? But she just posted today that she is moved, and bought a knitting book, so we can only hope.
    MaryjoO (also on Ravelry)

  3. pinneguri: I don’t judge the internet habits of others, just obsess about my own 😛

    Yes, I understood you were complimenting me and each comment made me laugh at your insistence that I just stop whining and take it already! I understand the difficulties of communicating in an unfamiliar language, I’m sure I’m like that when I speak/write French (which in Montreal I have to do often).

    Yes Hello Yarn did comment AND favourite the mittens on Ravelry. I won’t lie. It made my day!

    Marcia did blog about the mittens on the Swap page here. She loves them, pets them and has even worn them a few times too!

    maryjoo: I was wondering about those Kazakhstan hits…that’s you right? Thanks for the compliments and I’ll be keeping an eye on you too!

  4. Wow. Whats it like to be so popular??
    Do we have to start referring to you in a special way, or not look you in the eye, or carry your yarn for you now??
    Us little peoples are just wondering….

  5. Popular? PSCHAW! I don’t think so! And if you don’t look me in the eye I’ll think that I smell bad or something. If you TRY to carry my yarn, I’ll prolly hit you (thinking that you’re trying to swipe it).

    I’m a man of the people (NB: I’m quoting, don’t actually think of myself as a man)

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