These are MY mittens

I got out of the taxi cab, wrestled my suitcases up the stairs and found this fabulously addressed package waiting patiently for me.

Needless to say I immediately opened it. And was so happy with what was inside. Mrs. Yarn Love put together a GREAT package for me. Two skeins of her hand dyed yarns, two little lovely scented yarn washes and the most amazing pair of thrummed mittens ever! OMG I love them! Thanks Katie!

Yeah, they’re a custom pattern, made with hand dyed yarns, and roving and everything. They rule!

I took a bunch of silly pictures of me playing with the mittens. A great pair of mittens instantly cause me to make them into hand puppets (they should have had iPods when I was a kid walking to school in the winter). You can see the documented silliness on my Flickr.

Oh and I did in fact FULLY intend on going to Ariadne’s Knit Nite yesterday, but I am really not yet adjusted to this time zone. And the day after I arrived, I started a month long temp gig. So it took me two days to finish all the dishes I didn’t do before I left on holiday (gross I know, but I was super busy and sick and stuff) and I didn’t buy groceries until last night. Exhausted and not really rolling on any projects, I just couldn’t deal with a 20 min Metro ride across downtown.

BUT I’m going to be there on Sunday. Really for reals. I mean it. Unless I go to a matinee of Juno or something. No, I’m just kidding. I have to go deposit a cheque at my bank and check out the new Knitscene so have to go downtown anyways.

2 thoughts on “These are MY mittens”

  1. Oh look..hand pillows! LOL.
    I really should finish Ben’s…such a bad mother I am.
    I missed you Thursday but totally understand. See you tomorrow, maybe!

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