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Yes yes yes. The Pink Lopi’s barely blocked and I’ve already cast on for something new. Don’t look so shocked. Some of us have to account for lunchtime knitting hour. I can hardly block the sweater in the food court after chowing down some of that fine Thai Express. Wouldn’t want to dip it in the peanut sauce.

So I’ve begun the Cuttlefish Socks for Sylvain. He drew me a sketch of what he wanted in the summer. But then on the weekend, realising that I was actually going to make him socks AND use his original sketch, he insisted on redrawing the cuttlefish. You can see his handiwork above. Now I know that’s more of a squid than a proper Cuttlefish but we’re playing fast and loose with the definitions here. And really, Cuttlefish Socks just sounds so much better than Squid Socks (or Squid Sucks if you have ze French accent).

Now I hear you wondering why Cuttlefish? Well. They’re Sylvain’s favourite animal (and probably also favourite English word). What else would you want on a pair of socks than your favourite animal? Yeah, I don’t have an answer for that either.

And as a cure for the common Pink Lopi Raglan, there’s going to be some mad colour going on with these socks. Not only are the Squid/Cuttlefish going to be some sort of strand-tarsia, the background is going to be varying depths of ocean blue. Starting with navy and working up to the light blue.

Oh yeah. It’s Briggs & Little Sport of course with some Schleppjies and others thrown in for good measure. They’re already a lot of fun and we’re only 3 inches in.

6 thoughts on “Already onto the next thing”

  1. Sylvain is Mr. Peabody’s Fiancée and my future brother-in-law.

    Uh, publish a pattern? With like multiple sizing? Reknit in like super wash sock yarn? Sounds a bit of a headache to me…

  2. Yeah…thats why sox rock..knit leg to blah length and foot until it fits. Suhweet.
    And who says they have to be re-knit in superwash? Is that a Knitty rule? Buggers…its a superwash conspiracy I tells ya.
    I love my Lismore Sheep Farm yarn socks that I made. Similar to B and L. Cushy. Gonna dye more non-superwash this summer. I am hooked.

  3. Can I just say how cool that pattern is??? I would TOTALLY knit Squid-uh, I mean Cuttlefish Socks. If you wouldn’t want to share the complete pattern, would you share the chart one day?

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