Have you seen this sweater?

Last seen the evening of February 7th at Ariadne Knits, this almost completed Pink Lopi Raglan is itchy to the touch and goes by the name Guðrún. She is being housed from the cold of a Montreal winter in a black canvas tote acquired on a trip to LA’s fine establishment Amoeba Hollywood. Guðrún is sharing accommodations with long time friend Nixon, the digital watch and was last seen wearing 4 state of the art stitch markers and a 4.0 mm hairband.

If you have seen the wearabouts of our beloved Guðrún, please contact us immediately. She’s only 5 years old, has a horrible sense of direction and doesn’t speak French.

(Yes, I’m a spaz who has worked on this sweater for an entire month and may have been flighty enough to have left it on the Metro. This wouldn’t be the first time. There’s probably still a roll of Junior High drawings riding around the streets of Edmonton in a bus. If it’s not attached, it’s not guaranteed to make it home).

UPDATE: Call off the German Sheppards and Bloodhounds, no need to alert the FBI or STM officials. The sweater has been located. I was smart enough to forget the tote bag with said sweater at Ariadne. Note to self: maybe should leave at an early hour or make sure to pack projects in something that attaches itself like another limb. It’s a good thing I’m only responsible for my own well being.

7 thoughts on “Have you seen this sweater?”

  1. (adjusts imaginary eye glasses and note pad)
    Zo, fraulein, you zay zat you “agzidentally” mizplazed zis object of zee itchiness, hmm? Verrrryyyy intereztink… Could it not be a zlip of zee Freudian variety??? Maybe you are zecretly vishing for zee zweater to dizappear?? Yeeezz…it iz all zo clear…hmm..(scribbles furiously in imaginary notepad) Oh look..I drew a bunny…heeheehee

  2. Sorry for the heart attacks everyone had. I think my remarkable calmness is a BIG indicator that I shouldn’t be having kids anytime soon (not that it’s really on the near horizon to begin with).

    Yes Dr. Alip, ’tis true. I am ready for this sweater to disappear from my needles.

    But though it has been trying for my patience, it’s been a great experience and I’m now stoked to knit a bazillion sweaters for myself (though no more out of the Itchy Pink Lopi for a while at least).

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