Honesty is clearly the best policy

Yes I lied. I am not yet fit to call myself a Monogamist Knitter just yet. The Pink Lopi Raglan is not my only project on the go. I know, I know, I know barely a week since declaring my monogamy I’m already having the wandering fingers. But it’s not what you think! This other project, it’s crochet and it can’t get around much anymore. I don’t want to leave it lingering on the couch feeling unwanted watching as newer pinker things get all the attention.

So in the evenings, I’ve been working on the Mini Blanket when on the sofa watching tv. I am, of course, crazy-perfectionist even when it comes to the crochet and have begun this blanket entirely over again. But for why? Because it was already a millionty feet long, I had like 4 more skeins to put into it and it was just too darned narrow for my tastes. Yes. Could have finished it and then crocheted along one side, but then I’d always know that it wasn’t perfect and I had to compromise.

This blanket’s purpose has changed since the initial chain row. Originally it was going to be a back seat/cargo blanket for my Mini Cooper. I never finished it in time to use in the car before I sold it. I loved that car. Now, my Mom loves that car, so I still get to visit it when I’m in town. So the original width was based on the width of the Mini’s back seat. I even left a big button hole for the seat belts to go through.

My first bout of crazy when I first dug this blanket out to re-start was to rip back to the button hole for seat belts and then keep going. Crazy, but only a half restart. This time: complete do over. Yes. I’m THAT crazy a perfectionist (not that this is the first time I’ve completely restarted a project and likely not the last).

But I think I’m being a little bit smarter about it this time. Instead of ripping it all out and starting from the beginning again, I have started with the unused skeins and am going to work through those before ripping back the other blanket. That way I can use the other one in the mean time. It’s more like I’m starting another one, rather than redoing the previous one.

Newer, Smarter, Faster?
Perhaps. For the colour changes, I’m working the ends in as I go instead of just leaving them until the whole things done. I’m folding in the ends over the top of the previous row of the same colour and crocheting around the yarn AND top of the previous row. Does that explanation make sense? Oh and because of all the ripping & cutting that this yarn is been through, I’m using my now favourite Spit/Felted joining to avoid EVEN MORE ends to work in (thank goodness for the Briggs & Little Heritage and it’s 100% wooly goodness).

I’m four full stripe repeats through and I’m loving the new width and I think it will manage to eat up all the yarn quite nicely. The scarlet will be the limiting factor.

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