Jane and the Straight Jacket Sleeve

Since last we left off, our villain, the Itchy Pink Potato Sack, had been ripped out entirely and begun once more this time with fewer stitches (202 cast on, increase to 225 and switch to 4.0 mm circular immediately after ribbing instead of 250 even over ribbing & body). The needles of fury were operating at top speed to ensure that as little time as possible would be lost to this sudden return to the beginning. By Sunday night, the sleeves and body were joined in the round. Our knitting hero Jane was a little skeptical in regards to the body length, but decided to press on with the raglan shaping and try on when possible to avoid wasted efforts.

Last night, our knitting hero was able to get far enough (see schematic above) in the raglan shaping to try on the sweater. While the evil villain Itchy Pink Potato Sack seems to have been banished for good, a new miscreant has made himself known. That’s right. It’s the slightly mischievous Straight Jacket Sleeve! Fear not dear reader, the Crazy of Jane will save the day!

Let us recall that our knitting hero likes to use multiple strands of yarn to mark her various sleeve increases as she manages the magical feat of two sleeves at once! This crazy obsessive method for tracking the sleeves progress means that our hero was quickly able to re-establish order in our sweater knitting world.

Yes, there was some backtracking (see above schematic), but never fear! This sweater is nearing completion and it’s future is quite bright! Will that pesky miscreant Straight Jacket Sleeve be vanquished for good? Will Jane have to face another ill-meaning design feature? Tune in next time for the next installment of The Sweater Chronicles: Pink Lopi Raglan.

Uh, how about that in regular speak?
Right. So I reknit the whole body of the sweater according to the New Gauge (I’m getting fast at that continental shiz) and on Sunday joined with the sleeves and started the Raglan shaping. I thought the body was going to be too short but continued knitting anyways. At a point where I could try on the entire sweater, I did, and realised that the body was good. It was the sleeves that were WAY too long. So I ripped back to where I joined sleeves to the body in the round, went back a couple of increases (easily done thanks to my crazy row counting yarn scraps) and am now ready to join in the round (again) and redo the raglan shaping.

5 thoughts on “Jane and the Straight Jacket Sleeve”

  1. I am just wondering how many times you will reknit the yoke and collar. At least you are going to have a perfect sweater and, needless to say, I will be jealous!

  2. Missmalice: I’m happy that it finally arrived! I’m sure you were wondering where all the knitting related shiz was in this Secret Pal thing…nothing but dog stuff & swedish berries? That would have been tres lame.

    Sharon: hopefully just the one more time. I’m trying to be smart! knitter this time. That and when I tried it on before ripping it out, it seemed to work very nicely. But there will be some minor changes with the yoke 2.0.

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