Mid-Term Review

Lovely hand made schematic card by Sharon.

It’s been a while since University and (I think) we’re kind of in Reading Week right? That seems like it could be true. Thanks for all the Yarn/Birth Day wishes! It’s going to be a great year. I can already tell. 25 is SO 2007. Anyways. Knitting. That’s what I write about here.

When last we left off, I was test knitting some items for Mona. That’s all done (and before the deadline too). And really it was a pleasant experience. No sarcasm needed. Honestly, I enjoyed it! Well believe me or not, it was good times. Working on a couple of not-so complicated projects with good patterns (though I did spot an error in one, yay me) with none of that pesky angst de sweater that I’ve been experiencing lately. It does continue to plague. The test knitting was like a like holiday from my troublesome projects and I got to knit without consequence.

Yes, I did manage to get gauge on the first try which I totally take to be a total fluke. To be honest, I never really pay attention to the gauge in patterns except as a guide for yarn substitutions. This is obviously where I get into trouble with the making of sweaters. It’s nice to know that I got gauge. Plus I got to knit with some nice yarns. One of which I have been wanting to use and had no possible way of justifying the purchase of (ie. a pattern in mind).

The only downside was all the ‘You’re knitting with Acrylic?!?!??!??’ I had to deal with. Yes. Acrylic. It’s like for money. People still buy it. Deal already. The worst offender was of course Mr. Peabody. He’s such a yarn snob. Sylvain and him (he and Sylvain?) kept going EEEIGH EEEIGH EEEIGH when I was working with it.

In conclusion: test knitting = all the fun of knitting – any possible angst trying to customise for the ‘perfect fit’ + time for mental review of current projects (yes, I’m weird. Can only think about knitting while I’m knitting. Hence the knit, angst, rip, repeat that you hear so much about)
ergo I would be quite happy to test knit again.

Did someone mention sweater angst? Why yes, there is in fact a Pink Lopi Raglan kicking around that hasn’t been dealt with for a whiles. It’s ‘done’ again. But there’s some funny business with the neck going on. Not too sure if short row magic will fix that or if some actual waist shaping is needed. Yes, that would mean reknitting the body for like the 4th time. But we like to get these things right here chez crazĂ©. At the moment I’m working up the mental energy to steam block and see if indeed a reworking of the entire body is needed (at which point I will probably require beer).

2 thoughts on “Mid-Term Review”

  1. I am on a break from cameron’s sweater again but my issue (decreases pondering) has been resolved (trust the book) and I will get right back to it. I really want it off my list.
    I thought your “test knit” was gorgeous.

  2. I really enjoyed test knitting too (except when I’d put it off and be too close to the deadlie). Can you share your steam blocking technique? I have a steamer I have yet to take out of the box ‘cus I want to make sure I know what I’m doing with it.

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