No Longer Eligible for Knitting Olympics

I have left the ranks of amateur and there’s no turning back. Yup, I’m now officially a Knitter (emphasis on the capital K). I’ve gone Pro.

I’m test knitting a couple of patterns for Mona soooooo progress on the Squid Sux Cuttlfish Sox will be postponed for a while as my Professional Needles are occupied. She sent me an email out of the blue to ask for my help. She answered my secret desire to be a test knitter, but was too shy to actually ask (I’m weird like that).

So other people in need of test knitters, let it be known: I’ve gone Pro and am now a Knitting Mercenary (I’m at your disposal).

I appreciate the compliments and suggestions that I should make the Squid Sox into a pattern for Knitty (or something). I’m taking it under advisement for the moment. While it would (of course) be awesome to have a published pattern, I’m not sure about turning my hobby into something more than just a hobby.

Yes I’m now Professional Knitter, but it’s like a big deal to write patterns. It’s a lot more work than just coming up with something on my own. I have to explain all my crazy made upness in a way that other people understand. I’m not always so good at that. Then there’s coming up with proper yarns to use. I don’t think it would be swell to suggest that people buy a 7 skiens from 3 different companies to reproduce what I came up with.

I have written a couple of felted purse patterns once upon a time for Miss Virginia van Santen to sell with her fabulous hand painted Carstairs Lopi that she sold and it was a lot more work than coming up with the knitting of the thing. One ended up really not how I wanted and the other was kind of ok.

So I very much appreciate and respect Knitwear Designers and the amount of effort they put in to come up with something that we can follow, is interesting, works well with the yarns and looks fabulous. That’s why I don’t feel bad about spending money on a pattern and let myself buy more magazines than I probably should.

So not a definite ‘No’ to designing at the moment, but a hesitant ‘Uh, maybe?’ for the moment. And besides, I’ve got my Professional Knitting Career to consider here!

As a quickie update on the sox: Sylvain has tried on the socks thus far and they fit perfectly (and look awesome thus far I must add).

7 thoughts on “No Longer Eligible for Knitting Olympics”

  1. That is super cool, darlin’. You are a fantastic knitter in my eyes and I am way surprised you haven’t been tapped for your mad skillz before now.
    This is how I felt when Ginette asked me to knit samples for Effiloche. “Gasp! ME!!?? I’d like to thank the Academy, and beejus, and my momma who bore me…” And even though I still don’t have your skills or experience it made me feel as if those that I have are valuable.
    Isn’t its a very affirming feeling?

  2. Congrats on going pro! I have ONE sock publish in Mona’s Steppin’ Out book! (Mrs. Hunters Green socks one of them I knit!) Made me feel special for my 15 minutes of fame – LOL.

    And if you ever want to design, I pay (or give yarn) for sock patterns for my sock club! If you’re ever interested! (Or if anyone else reading this comment is interested!?)

  3. Well thanks. You all are too kind.

    I wasn’t really shy about it cause I didn’t think I had the mad skillz. More cause I haven’t really chatted with Mona a lot (or the other local Big Famous Knit Designers). That and because I’m crazy about contacting people about things like that. Just general crazy really.

    Mrs. Knitting Mama, I may take you up on that offer of a sock club thing. That seems a manageable task to me.

    Really when I started being ‘out’ with my knitting (like in public and on the internets & all) I wasn’t really thinking that like it could translate into like an official part of my life (or something).

    I mean we all dream we could be Eunny right? Go from freelance writer/knit blogger into Editor of Major Knit Mag. But like how often does that happen? I’m thinking just the once.

    I dunno. It’s just me and my crazy. We’ll be in the corner working on some shiz for Mona…

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