Something’s changed

Do not adjust your television set. The blog colours have in fact changed. Do not be alarmed.

Truth be told I got a little carried away with things after making the sweater schematics yesterday and started messing with the blog colours and felt that I should probably finally put together a header graphic too. I’m not sold on the current state of affairs and still fully intend to knit up a proper craftyblog header. But in the meantime this is what we’re going with.

No substantial knitting to report. I’ve joined the sweater with the sleeves and am to the point where I start doing the raglan decreases. Not terribly interesting.

So I’ll distract you with a question. What’s the deal with Cut throat Bitch on House? Wearing a McGill sweatshirt and the comment ‘legs that go all the way up to Canada’…did I pass out on my couch and miss something in a previous episode (no, I don’t just sleep through CSI)? And when will they finally just get rid of her character? I don’t want depth and change from her. She’s served her purpose and now is fired. Not to mean that the actress is no good. She is. She does a great Cut throat Bitch. I just don’t think the character works as a recurring. Or am I taking the crazy pills? Am I the only one who’s tired of that whole thing?

4 thoughts on “Something’s changed”

  1. Cutthroat bitch was wearing Wilson’s sweatshirt. He wore it in a previous episode in the earlier seasons. There is never any mention of it but I think that Wilson probably went to McGill.

  2. I’m getting a bit tired of House in general, but keep watching it.

    Wilson did go to McGill; there was a whole thing in the Gazette a few months ago when the sweatshirt first appeared on the show about the producers contacting McGill to get the appropriate sweatshirt.

  3. I’m annoyed at her on the show too. Besides- when did he stop dating Cuddy? I know it wasn’t a serious thing but they went out once or twice I think.

    I miss the old cast.

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