The Suspense Will Kill us All

Sorry about giving you all heart attacks. I’ve got one of those photographic memories where the film has to go into the lab for processing. If I can’t picture myself doing something, chances are most excellent that I didn’t do it. Thing was that I wasn’t paying terribly close attention when leaving Ariadne (conversations + tired ÷ Thursday = distracted + forgetful Jane) and the last thing I remember with the tote was putting it down to put on my boots/coat/blue messenger bag. That’s exactly where the tote (with sweater) were left.

I was convinced that I had it with me during conversations at Lionel-Groulx and figured I put the tote down at some point on the Metro and it just got left. If it doesn’t stay attached to me in some way, there’s a very good chance things will be left behind. I’ll be one of those horrible parents with the kids on leashes but it would be more for me than them.

I kept walking around my apartment saying to myself, maybe it’s in the kitchen next to the front door. Maybe it’s under the desk. Maybe I left it on the ground outside while searching the messenger for my keys. Etc.

I did actually get to the point of looking up where the lost & found is for the Metro (customer services at Berri-UQAM) and just about posted an ad to Craigslist about it. Then decided that as my last memory of the tote was at Ariadne, that I’d check with them first. Friday after work I’d either stop off at the store if they did have it, or stop off at Berri-UQAM and root through the lost & found if they didn’t.

But all was well. I was smart in my forgetfulness and left it at Ariadne. I thought you guys deserved the whole story to make up for freaking you all out.

Yes, it’s not quiiiiiite done just yet. The epic sweater aka Guðrún aka Itchy Pink Raglan formerly known as the Pink Burlap Potato Sack or the Perfect Sweater is still going.

I’m working on the neck at the moment so the end is quite near. Hopefully this neck will be in the right spot and I won’t have to do it again. But there is a real need for blocking with this baby. There’s some, uh, interesting tension changes right at the point that I joined the body and sleeves in the round and, uh, there’s kind of this line in a kind of unfortunate place….yeah.

If this draft of the neck goes well and it dries in time, I may be wearing this lovely handknit item aka my second ever completed sweater to the next knit event (or next several).

And the Cuttlefish Socks are already on the go. I have to have something to look forward to during the work day.

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