Update on our Sweater’s Progress

Back due to popular demand (or my lack of being able to explain things clearly verbally), a schematic of our hero’s progress on the Pink Sweater of Doooooooom!

So not quite back to where I was before ripping out the last time, but definitely passed the sleeve join.

Knitting progress was slightly sporadic last night due to good conversation, great hot chocolate, a busy scientific baby with table to entertain him and a door that wouldn’t quite shut on its own. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. That’s right, it was Knit Nite on Monkland with guest star Sean of Knit & Purl Mama fame! It was fun to catch up with the gals of NDG and see what everyone is working on.

Tonight I shall continue to hamper my progress on the Pink Lopi Raglan to go hang with the Ariadne chicks and who knows, Mr. Peabody may even get his act together and finally cast on for something. That boy is too concerned with working on something impressive. Dude, SOCKS are impressive. Actually SWATCHing is impressive. Not needing to reknit a sweater 5 times is impressive.

3 thoughts on “Update on our Sweater’s Progress”

  1. I’ll remember that. Maybe for his next birthday. Must finish his blankie project first – and then his cabled sweater, which looks like it may go to baby number 2 if Sean out grows 18 mos size before I finish it! LOL

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