So here’s the news.

This is what I’ve been up to every evening this week since last Sunday.

This is what I did today.

With some of this.

And quite a bit of this, but that’s not really related to the news….well it kind of is. But not like in an official capacity.

Did you figure it out? Well, I’ll tell you anyways. Like many a knit blogger before me, I’ve decided to try and monetise my hobby and suck as much of the relaxing, unstressed fun out of it as I possibly can. Yes. I’ve started a home/hand dyeing business with knitter/spinner/architecture student Jess. We are Pamplemousse en Caoutchouc (Rubber Grapefruit, but I personally prefer it shortened to Pamplemousse).

At the moment our product range consists of hand dyed Blue Faced Leicester (BFL) roving in 4 oz. braids sold exclusively at Ariadne Knits. We’ve got our very own shelving unit in a prime location. Right next to the stairs to the basement (if you’re familiar with the store’s layout, you know that’s prime and not the equivalent to being sat next to the bathroom or kitchen in a restaurant).

This is what’s been keeping me from getting to sleep before midnight since Saturday and preventing me from eating breakfast at home in the mornings. But the reception we got at Ariadne this morning was well worth the exhaustion. As we were unpacking, someone HAD TO HAVE one of our braids right then and there. Despite the fact that she didn’t know how to spin yet (she’s in the April spinning class), just in case it sold before then. Now THAT’s a great reception to our product.

So far our colourways are kind of like this:

But I took that photo on tuesday, so there’s some new ones since then. I’ve dedicated a Flickr Collection to it if you want to check ’em all out.

Thus far we are only selling through Ariadne’s store. Once we get organised, we will be setting up sales through Etsy or something and like a logo, website, blog and such, but for the moment we’ve got the important thing: fibre for sale. So go on down to Ariadne to check it out, learn to spin and get buy our fabu fibres!

10 thoughts on “So here’s the news.”

  1. leslie loved your work, she said it looked great. and we think so too! we are so excited to have your roving in our store! i’m looking forward to more beautiful hand dye from you!

    long live rubber grapefruit!

  2. Way to go Sarah! There’s something vaguely naughty about that name…Rubber Grapefruit. I likes! Do you think you’re going to expand into already spun yarns?

  3. Thanks everyone! Jess and I are SUPER excited at how great a positive reaction we’re getting to our messing around with colour. And if you don’t spin…I’m sure you’ll be tempted to start!

  4. mary j is right, I do love your work! I bought the Renfield colourway (part of my grand plan to start buying fibre in colours other than blue and green) and want some of that tangerine one too. see you in April 🙂

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