Spin Spin Spin Spin

Everybody’s got to spin! Or just me. Nope, I haven’t become tired of it yet. Not sure that I really want to get tired of it. I did start knitting with some of it too. I figure I can’t take spinning to work for lunchtime or I’ll never get back to work.

Take a look:

I started on another Le’Slouch with my favourite handspun to date but I don’t have enough for an entire hat. So plan B is to use one skein of Lang Silk Dream and alternate rows with the handspun. It’s going to be awesome. And this hat is going to be for me.

And on Thursday at Ariadne, I finished the rest of the felted BFL Jessie gave me to spin:

Feeling that I wouldn’t have enough fibre to get me through the holiday weekend, I headed to Jessie’s on Friday to pick up some more. This is where I’m at:

Look, I’m getting more good ‘real’ yarn parts:

This is the Light Lolita that I’m saving for when I’m good. I had to break into it on Thursday:

Tonight, I Navajo plied. Check it out:

Yes, not so many words. Just pictures. I’m still waiting for my very own spindle (and accompanying fibre) to come in the mail. I was very very very bummed that it didn’t make it before weekend. Um. Yeah. Gots to get back to the spinning. Happy knitting.

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