Mixed Berry Tart anyone?

Yes, I’m still very much addicted to spinning. I ‘officially’ learned to spin two weeks ago and it was AWESOME. Leslie knows her shiz and is a great teacher. I, of course, lived up to my promise of being annoying and asking many a question, being a smarty-pants all the while, but she didn’t seem to mind too much. While I thought I knew what I was doing before the class, I paid attention and ended up learning a whole new drafting technique and am completely stoked to get a fleece, wash it and spin it.

Since the class and using Leslie’s mad drafting skillz, I’ve upped my productivity (can draft AND spin at once), increased overall yarn softness and the consistency is awesome! Huge sections of ‘real-like-store-bought’ yarn. It’s pretty awesome.

So now I’m working through the fibre backlog that seems to have accumulated without paying attention. Here’s some lovely Navajo plied Falkland that I spun up a while ago. Yup, Navajo ply with a drop spindle. I make a whole length of finger chain (usually longer loops) then spin to add the ply. But I could see how Navajo plying would be better suited to spinning with a wheel.

I took this:

And made this:

The dets:

‘Blueberry’ Spunky Eclectic
4 oz. Navajo plyed handspun
100% Falkland top

And to answer your question before you ask it, I have absolutely no idea what I’m going to knit with this yarn. I could make a hat, or a Baby Surprise Jacket or something, but there are no babies on the horizon that this would be appropriate for (I’m thinking at best ‘gender neutral’ girl). I’m kind of thinking hat of some sort. The Barrymore Slouch hat caught my eye but it shall have to wait for an appropriate handspun mate before cast on. I have some medium brown wools to spin up. K, so I have a bit of an idea.

For future updates on Pamplemousse en caoutchouc please check out the newly established blog here or the Flickr group I set up. Please feel free to add your pics to the group and I’ll be sure to comment spam any and every one I see.

3 thoughts on “Mixed Berry Tart anyone?”

  1. Ooo, all that sounds really cool with the local fibre and low-impact dyes. Also, how freaky do you like your fibres? Bamboo? Ingeo? SeaCell? just trying to get ideas for that next class 😉

    ps. you should stop by Ariadne this weekend… I’ll be there both afternoons. 🙂

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