Fibre is good for you

Medium Coopworth

This past week I had a little food poisoning fun where sitting in front of the computer and knitting made me sea sick so I don’t really have anything interesting to report to you. That and I’ve been doing some sample knitting for VĂ©ronik so…yeah…not really anything I can show you.

Dark Brown Welsh Top

But for those of you who have me on your Ravelry stalker lists, you may have noticed that I added a WHOLE bunch of yarn & such to my stash in the past couple of weeks. Now much of that isn’t recent purchases and many of the oddballs are from the various destashes that a Montreal Knits member gets to partake in. Really I went through all the yarn that didn’t get added since the last time I catalogued my stash (really, since I got my Ravelry membership I think a year ago).

Fine Brown Shetland

I haven’t really been spinning much lately. I’ve been crazy busy/mentally occupied at work in the past months and this last week of sea sickness has really not been terribly condusive to me picking up the spindle. I’m thinking it would be an instant vomitrometer in my general state of this past week. Don’t worry. I’ll live. There has not been any actual vomit, but there were a few quite close calls Thurs & Fri.

Light Grey Swalesdale

Fibre accumulation on the other hand is something else entirely. And it really doesn’t help that Mr. Peabody works over at EffilochĂ© where Ginette’s been getting in more and more spinning supplies to temp the weak willed spinning geeks such as Mr. Peabody & myself. We totally geeked out about the various sheep breeds available in natural colours. We decided to split bags to be slightly more reasonable and got basically one of each breed/shade available.

Light Brown Coopworth

Some spinners are totally turned on by some of the crazy manmade and plant fibres available out there. But me? I’m content to follow my spinning teacher’s advice and stick to the sheep for the time being until I have some more experience. And now that I’ve seen how many lovely sheepies there are too choose from out there, I’m super happy to stick to that recommendation for now.

Grey Gotland

I’m planning on continuing to work through the rest of my white Corriedale before breaking into any of this lusciously tempting fibre. Let’s hope the world stops feeling so spinny so I can get my spindle going again!

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