Na Na Na Noro makes fabulous socks

These socks have had a bit of an identity crisis through their thus far short life. First they were the ‘Serenity Now!’ socks, then the Inverse Relationship socks, but I settled on Such Great Heights as one (that’s right ONE) ball of Noro gave me a pair of KNEE socks. I just need to get some suspenders to be all set for a new career as a children’s entertainer.

Pattern: No brainer toe-up socks cobbled together from various sources.
Materials: 1 skein Noro Kureyon Sock yarn
Start Date: May 31, 2008 (ish)
End Date: July 10, 2008

They started their life one Saturday when I ventured up to Efflioché to bother Mr. Peabody and his pupils for the afternoon. Somehow it completely didn’t occur to me to bring any knitting. Add into the equation an instant love affair with the Noro Kureyon Sock yarn and suddenly there’s a new project on the go.

Purl seam in the back as in Knitting Vintage Socks

Noro Noro Noro, how doth I love thee? Let me count the ways…your surprising colour combinations and long colour selections that entertain as I knit AND provide a unique interest in the finished garment all packed into a unsuspecting hearty woolen skein is hours of entertainment and a sensual delight (we’re talking a feast for the eyes AND fingers). There is yet to be a Noro that I dislike. Maybe there’s a colour I can’t completely get on board with, but that’s the wacky cousin in whichever colourway family I’m looking at, and chances are the rest please me much more than the crazy deminishes.

So these socks would probably be considered boring to many of you, but I have to say I enjoyed them a lot. They brought me back to the Zen of knitting with some pretty pretty colour changes to keep me entertained. There was an evening or two where I stayed up a tad late in anticipation of the upcoming colour.

Magic Looped on a 2.0mm needle from either end of the ball, these socks are all about turning off the brain. Turkish cast-on of 16 sts, increased up to like 64 sts I think and then knit straight until my little foot was covered, HEEL, then knit until I run out of yarn with a purl seam in the back to make calf increases from.

These socks have each been my favourite at some point during the knitting. First I really enjoyed the one that started with the orange/pink/greys, but then there’s a harsh colour break at the heel. The other sock behaved rather nicely in the heel, but then up in the leg there were two knots right after each other, so there’s a déja vu in the colour sections. So finally they’re both my favourite.

The more conscientious knitter (say Mr. Peabody) may have taken the time to split the ball in two, start at the same points and attempt to make matching socks. For me, these socks would always ‘go together’ just from them both having the same colours and going to all the trouble of getting them to match isn’t really my style. Especially future children’s entertainers.

Oh and I spent a day during my recent holiday cataloguing all my yarn and fibre and adding it to my Ravelry stash. Not that it’s really all that note worthy, but I sure feel better knowing that’s all done. Now all that’s left is to knit with it.

3 thoughts on “Na Na Na Noro makes fabulous socks”

  1. One ball?! Do you have child-sized feet? I hear you on the Noro — I’ve only used Kureyon, in two sweaters, but the colour changes were indeed a delight. I’ve been off socks for a while, but I bet a ball of Noro could bring me back. (Oh, and I love the seams.)

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