Summer reruns

Remember me?

Somehow while I wasn’t really paying attention, this lovely fabulous rather old project seems to have knit itself somewhere along the past year.

These days it looks a lot more like this:

I recently picked up this sweater again and suddenly found that a little bit of neck shaping in the back was all that was left to do on the body. Somewhere in the middle of a 45 hour work week, an amazing Radiohead concert and other evening activities, I managed to wet block to body and found that my dry gauge from the initial planning on this project turned out to be dead on. Who knew?

I’ve been working on the sleeves. I had been working both at once with one ball each, but found the colour shifts to be too dramatic. Since I worked the rest of the sweater juggling two balls up the side, it would be silly to then have two different coloured sleeves. So I’ll work them one at a time and continue to juggle.

Here’s the progress thus far:

Trust me, these will be done soon…as long as our lovely Gotham summer continues.

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