For all 3 of you still reading: Mint Calico

Heya. It’s been a while. How’s it going?

This past turkey sponsored weekend I spun my first batt AND my first non-sheep fibre. A while ago I found some terribly tasty looking batts on Etsy and I just couldn’t resist buying them. Finally after spinning spinning spinning wool, I really couldn’t wait any longer to take a shot at the bamboo.

First I followed the batt to roving instructions I found in one of Mr. Peabody’s newly purchased spinning/dyeing/colour books. You know how you can take a sheet of paper, rip a strip from one end, but not all the way to the other, turn and repeat until it ‘unfolds’ to make kind of one long thin strip instead of a rectangle? That’s what I did to make the batt more roving like.

But I didn’t think to take pictures until the next stage of drafting the ‘roving’ to a more consistent size.

And then again when I drafted it to more of a pencil roving, time to spin me size. I’m very glad I thought to clear my desk as it took the entire open surface.

THEN it was time to spin! Let me remind you that this was my FIRST time spinning bamboo and only the SECOND time I’ve spun something that didn’t come from a sheep. I have the feeling that spinning cotton candy would be very similar to spinning this bamboo from a batt. It REALLY wanted to stick to my fibre supply hand, even more so if there was any sort of moisture (I am a sweaty palm/feet girl).

But in the end I made it through all the prepared fibre.

And got a pretty kick ass yarn out of the whole experience. I like to think of it as some sort of calico cat-like yarn.

Mint Calico
loop – Mint Chocolate Chip
3 oz. 2-ply handspun
100% Bamboo from a batt

Oh and there was some festive holiday weekend food related/chore related activities too. I now have eco-puritan friendly lighting and evening lighting options. Overall a very productive and yet somehow very relaxing as well.

3 thoughts on “For all 3 of you still reading: Mint Calico”

  1. Mmmm…edible yarn….
    I got a bag of Maple cotton candy and it looked just like a bag of combed fleece! When Kadi went to eat a bit some wag went “Ooooh she’s eating roving..” as a lark. Its delicious and such a lovely shade of beige……..
    What is eco-puritan lighting?

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