All I want for Xmas…

My mom’s Christmas present for 2007 was a promise for some seasonally appropriate knits and her present for this year was me actually knitting one of them. Completely of lame, I admit, to leave it a whole year AFTER the holiday before I even started this project, but 2008 was quite the year. Ups, downs and always at a break neck pace even during vacations, I really didn’t downshift into relax until I met up with my parents in Hawaii again for the holidays.

I need to say that I am infinitely thankful that a tropical Christmas has become a family tradition, even if it requires the loss of a day to travel at each end, it’s completely worth it.

The yarn is the most amazingly soft and light Filatura Di Crosa Superior which is a cashmere silk blend. The cashmere fleece is caught in the plying of the two teeny tiny silk strands. Once knit up it really feels like holding a puffy little cloud of fabulousness. It’s expensive at $26 a skein but as I barely used half a skein not at all ridiculous. I bought the yarn Wool Revival when I was back home in Edmonton in the early summer.

Pattern: Qiviuk Webs Tam by Gayle Roehm in Interweave Knits Holiday 2007
Materials: 1/2 skein Filatura Di Crosa Superior 12 blue
Start Date: December 25, 2008
End Date: January 3, 2008

What drew me to this pattern is of course the lace pattern worked at the top during the decreases. I really enjoy the geometric pattern that emerges. It reminds me of poinsettias rather than a spider’s web but either way make for a fabulous hat. I opted to work on larger needle size than stated in the pattern as my set of 3.25mm’s are occupied with another project and my mom’s curly hair could easily enjoy the extra room.

My mom is very excited to finally have her new hat. And yes, I’m going to do my very best to get the matching scarf done by her birthday.

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