Late report: Random Generator Socks

Remember these?

Well they’re finished too. Been finished for a while and very well appreciated too. If you’ve been stalking my Ravelry projects, you’ve probably already seen them.

After being all excited to start these and knitting up a fury, I found they were rather tight in the heel/ankle area and decided to rip them out completely and start all over again. Having worked on them once already, the fury and fun of the project was kind of gone and they became just one of those no end in sight kind of projects.

But weeks and weeks of tv knitting, some lunch knitting and a trip to LA/Denver and these suckers were eventually finished. I have to say that I’m more a fan of them now that they’re done that when I was knitting them. They’re super super perfect for my winter boots. Nuts to long underwear! I’m all about the knee high hand knit socks now! I’ve worn them as much as possible without suffering from smelly footses.

I decided to go with a large section of 1×1 twisted rib for these socks as the Such Great Heights Socks tend to be rather on the slouchy side. And I opted to be a little tighter with my tubular cast off as well to try and make these suckers as gravity defying as possible. They still tend to slouch when I’m not wearing my boots, but stay up when I’ve got them on so I can live with that.

Pattern: Um, boring toe-up socks but with colour changes? Some 1×1 twisted rib and a tubular cast off to finish.
Materials: 10 mini-cakes=1 ball of Opal sock yarn, but with crazier colours
Start Date: July 13, 2008.
End Date: December 6, 2008.

So there is going to be much more in the hand knit sock area, not just because of the sock clubs I’ve signed up for (shifty eyes) or the stack of sock yarns already staring at me from the bookcase. No, there’s going to be more hand knit socks because winter is long and hand knit socks are like hot chocolate for your feets.

2 thoughts on “Late report: Random Generator Socks”

  1. Did you know that you can have your socks match? That is the same bands of color at the same place on each sock. Simply start at the same place on the skein of yarn color with each sock and it will come out almost exact.

  2. Mmmm… foot chocolate……….
    I love the randomness of your new high steppers and man, your feetses is sooo tiny!! Like little dolly feet.
    I just finished a regular (not kneezers)sock (women’s medium/lad’s large) in a record time for me…two days! CRAZY…but I just couldn’t seem to stop. (Opal 6 ply I got at Ariadne last spring). They are for Thing 2 and he’s thrilled to have hand knit sockses from Mommy again soon.

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