She wore a Raspberry Beret

It is the new year I know, but I have to sneak in some projects I knit in 2008 and didn’t get around to posting about. I could come up with some of that ‘well it was a Christmas present and I didn’t want to spoil the surprise’ but I’m pretty sure the recipient doesn’t know/read this blog and I gave it to her soon after finishing it. So there’s no good reason. I just didn’t get around to it. If you’ve been stalking my Ravelry page, you’ve probably seen some of them.

One fall day, soon after the weather started requiring the wearing of hats on the way to work, my co-worker Marie-Noëlle would exclaim everytime came in wearing my Handspun Le’Slouch (so like everyday) saying how much she wanted a beret of her very own. Finally one day she added an extra level to the request. She didn’t just wanted a beret, but a Raspberry Beret so she could say that Prince was singing about her…or at least to feed her fantasies.

Really though, who could resist the challenge of coming up with a respectable Raspberry Beret? It really came together through my daily Ravelry Friend Activity perusal seeing someone had faved or queued the pattern. I thought it would make a perfect Raspberry Beret.

Pattern: Gwen Slouchy Beret by Lauren Nell
Materials: Louet Gems Sport Wt. Burgundy (half a skein)
Start Date: November 8, 2008
End Date: November 10, 2008
Modifications: Added i-cord nipple to the top as requested (had to add more decreases to get down to 4 sts)

Overall I quite enjoyed this pattern. Super simple lace that’s easy to memorise and has a huge impact. I knit most of it one afternoon at Effiloché and many of Mr Peabobody’s students were impressed and inspired to make their own. I’m likely to make another one out of the remaining half a skein and send it to some faraway friend. To have 2 Raspberry Berets in the same city would probably cause a tear in the time space continuum or something.

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